Abstract 22 V1 I2

The most common form of intravenous or parenteral drug abuse was through the femoral region. The femoral vein was frequently used to gain vascular access by habitual drug abusers. Quite often the common complications were cellulitis, abscess formation, acute or chronic deep venous thrombosis, infected thrombi in the vein and artery, arteriovenous fistulae, infective endocarditis, and pseudo aneurysm formation. This complication of intravenous drug abuse was not only limb threatening but can also be life threatening. The management of IFAP was difficult and controversial.

The new clinical service has proved popular and may be a valuable tool for identifying disease rate at an initial stage. Longer term evaluation of its effectiveness as a harm reduction intervention among patients who inject in the FV was now needed. Ligation of IFAPs was an effective, safe and simple option. Primary repair with preservation of the native vessel was suggested if infection was limited. The extent of the treatment depends on the extent of the infection.

Keywords: Femoral Triangle, pseudo aneurysm, drug abuse.