Abstract 03 V1 I4

In order to find out from the medical students what they consider as most unethical and less unethical, I asked a sample of them to rank five variables in terms of most unethical to least unethical. The five variables were costly drugs, sponsorships, gifts, Government doctors doing private practice and overprescribing. The Thurstone Case V scaling technique was used to find out which variable was most unethical and which was least unethical. Of the five accepting gifts was considered as most unethical, because a gift can range from a simple innocent pen to an expensive car in certain cases.

The second variable to be ranked as most unethical was overprescribing which is detrimental to a patient in terms of monetary cost and also in terms of adverse or side effects on account of consuming so many drugs.The Chi square technique was also used wherein the Null hypothesis stated that there was no statistical difference in considering prescribing expensive drugs as most unethical or least unethical.

>Key words: Unethical, overprescribing, sponsorships, gifts, private practice.