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The non-animal components of the hypromellose capsule formulation are accepted for pharmaceutical use in all major global markets. Using a proprietary manufacturing process that eliminates the addition of gelling agents, HPMC capsules expand the range of capsule applications. In recent era, vegetable capsules are new approach which might be replacing the usage of gelatin or non-vegetable capsules. Hypromellose is mainly used in manufacturing of such kind of capsule shell. Despite the great advantages of gelatin capsules, gelatin has numerous drawbacks that limit its utilization for capsules.

The animal source of gelatin can be a quandary for certain consumers such as vegetarians or vegans and religious or ethnic groups, Since unmodified gelatin is prone to cross linking when in contact with aldehydes, solubility problems might be expected with certain fill formulations. The non-gelatin capsule shells are made up of such as Starch, HPMC, PVA, and Alginate. The main objective to write this review is to assess published literature on the vegetable capsule shells and steadfastness objections regarding their appropriateness as a substitute for hard gelatin capsules.

Key words: Gelatin, Vegetable capsule shell, Hypromellose, HPMC, Dissolution, Alginate capsule shell.