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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common, slowly progressive disorder affecting primarily the weight-bearing diarthrodial joints of the peripheral and axial skeleton. This is an open label study conducted in both in patients and out patients to assess the aceclofenac and tramadol efficacy in osteoarthritis patients whom doctor decided to start with non-selective NSAIDs. The whole work is carried out in 126 patients for a period of 11 months from November 2011 to September 2012. Eligible patients were interviewed by asking questions from the standard WOMAC questionnaire and reviewed on three weeks basis.

The patients were divided in to two class accordance with the drugs they have taken. The first follow up was taken after completing 3 week therapy. The WOMAC questionnaire was asked to the patient and documented properly. The improvement score was noticed. The second follow up was taken after the completion of three week therapy after the first follow up with the same medicine, the improvement in score compare with the baseline therapy was documented. The total change in score in aceclofenac taking patients was 58.51(SD 6.61). In tramadol taking patients, the mean change in score was 42.0(SD 6.67). The decrease in score of stiffness, pain and function daily living was more pronounced with patients taking aceclofenac compared to patients taking tramadol.

Key words: OA, WOMAC, questionnaire, NSAIDs.