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Melt in mouth tablets (MMT’s)/Fast Dissolving tablets (FDT’s)/ as the name implies, is the forms of tablets that rapidly disperse or dissolves within the oral cavity. They disperse or dissolve in the saliva within a fraction of seconds, the use of neither water nor chewing. Many benefits are derived from such dosage forms which include; rapid onset of action, patient compliance to such medications, and so on.

Among other conventional dosage forms, MMT’s are one of the best options in emergency cases like chronic stages of Angina Pectoris, where the patients’ survival is the major concern.Different technologies are utilized for the formulation of Melt in Mouth tablets which include: Tablet moulding, Freeze drying (Zydis method), Spray drying, Sublimation, among others.1,2 Formulated tablets are subsequently evaluated by determining the hardness, friability, drug content, variation in weight, and in-vitro dispersion time.

Various Internationally recognised acronyms are being used to describe Fast Dissolving tablets which include; Orodisposable tablet (OT), Fast Dissolving Tablet (FDT), Rapid Disintegrating Tablet (RDT), Mouth Dissolving Tablets (MDT’s), among others.

Keywords: Melt in mouth tablets, rapid onset of action, patient compliance, Fast Dissolving tablets.