Abstract 05 V1 I4

The study is to assess the Effectiveness of Helicobacter Pylori Eradication Therapy and Utilization of Acid Suppressant Drugs in patients with Peptic ulcer disease at Gastroenterology department of manak hospital at kerala on May 2012 to February 2013. Totally 280 patients profile is taken for the study from this 82 patients age comes below 65 years and 198 patients were above 65 years, Proton pump inhibitors has prescribed to 208 patients by Omeprazole has given to 122 patients followed by Pantoprazole to 87 patients and others PPIs for 71 patients, histamine receptor antagonist has given to 44 patients and other ASMs used to 34 patients.66% patients prescriptions has changed from PPIs to H2RAs and similarly 46% prescription has changed from H2RAs to PPIs.

74% patients prescribed ASDs for 1- 3 month duration and remaining 26% patients receiving over prescribing, ASMs has prescribed to 41% patients is for correct indications (justified) the remaining was considered as unjustified cases. 60 patients undergone H.Pylori eradication therapy, 51 out of 60 patients receives complete H. Pylori eradication by using Tetracycline, Bismuth chelate with Metronidazole combination therapy. The current study found that quadruple therapy is highly effective, well –tolerated anti –Helicobacter regimen in primary health care setting. General practitioners to review their ASMs prescribing pattern to treat the in appropriate indications and prophylaxis uses.

Keywords: PUD- Peptic Ulcer Disease, GERD –Gastro esophageal reflux disease, SUP –stress ulcer disease, Gastroenterology.