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Community pharmacy practice includes all services offered by a pharmacist to society through pharmacy where patients receive drugs. Community pharmacy is still in primitive stage in India & is confined to so called ‘Medical Store’. Standard of a profession largely depends on the performance of persons practicing it. The objective of this study was to assess the overall performance of community pharmacy & thereby identify shortcomings so that need to improve may be appreciated & realized. Data was collected through a pre-drafted structured & undisguised questionnaire & objective of the study was made known to respondents. Investigator personally visited randomly selected 90 community pharmacies scattered in Panipat city in Haryana, India & responses were recorded after observations & discussions with pharmacist present there.

The study concludes that majority of pharmacies (40%) are named ‘MEDICAL HALL’ while only 4% are named ‘PHARMACY’. About 66% pharmacists counsel the patients on ‘How to take the medicines’ & ‘Duration of therapy’ for medicines sought by them. Very few pharmacists (8%) consult physicians if prescribed brand is not available. It is surprising to note that none of the pharmacist was wearing apron in pharmacy. From this study we could realize ground realize of the pharmacy practice.

Keywords - Community pharmacy, Pharmacy, Pharmacy practice, Questionnaire.