Abstract 15 V1 I2

In ancient ayurvedic medicine the plant Calotropis gigantea is known as “sweta Arka”. This work was carried out the preparation of aqueous extract of Calotrpis gigantia against the insect of p.americana. The aqueous extract was split the 200mg/ml, 400mg/ml and 800mg/ml and the standarad is 0.25% of aletherin used to perform the work. Dose depending manner we got it the result. The standard is less concentration also produced the result 100%.

In our aqueous extract 100% of mortality we reached at 200mg/ml and 800mg/ml. In our country developing status only, now a day’s developed countries America also focused and used the herbal based things, everywhere easily available without cost of the herbals identified. Once focus of this plant work will be complete up to the isolation level it will become a market also. So this study basically we identified the insecticide activity is present in the plant of C.gigantia.

Keywords: Calotropis gigantean, Alethrin, P.americana, Insects, Ayurvedic medicine