Abstract 08 V2 I3

An experimental study was conducted to evaluate the antihypertensive, antilipidemic and cardioprotective potentials of Cardonarc syrup- an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine in fructose induced hypertensive and cardiotoxic rats. Albino Sprague Dawley rats (24 male) were equally divided into 4 groups. Group I served as normal control. Hypertension and cardiotoxicity was induced in the remaining groups with the administration of fructose (10% w/v) p.o ad libitum daily for 6 weeks.

Cardonarc syrup (4.8ml/kg p.o) and Plioglitazone 10mg/kg p.o administered daily for three weeks (4th, 5th and 6th week) to the group III and IV respectively. The ECG, HR and invasive BP and the serum biomarkers- CK, CK-MB, LDH, Lipid Profile: (TC, VLDLc, HDLc, TG) and heart tissue biomarker SOD were estimated in all the rats. The histological observations of cardiac tissue also studied. The results of the present study enunciated that Cardonarc has potent antihypertensive, antilipidemic and cardioprotective potential activities in restoring the pathological alterations in fructose induced hypertensive, cardiotoxic rats. Pioglitazone used as standard drug.

Key words- Cardonarc, Plioglitazone, Cardiotoxicity, Hypertension, Sprague Dawley.