Abstract 14 V1 I2

The estrogenic activity of Herbochol-poultry feed supplement was investigated using ovarectomized The Herbochol-poultry feed supplement was administered orally at a dose of 400 and 800 mg/kg bw po for 07 consecutive days to overectomized rats. The bilateral overectomy in rats was performed under ketamine and xylazine (50,10mg/kg ip) anaesthesia and semi-sterile conditions. Sham operation was performed in same manner but only exposing the ovaries. They were administered with prophylactic gentamicin (10 mg/kg, ip) for 3 days.

Ethynyl estradiol (2mg/kg sc) was used as a standard estrogenic drug. After 24h of the last day treatment, blood was withdrawn by retro orbital puncture and serum calcium, phosphorus and ALP levels were determined. The initial and final body weights of the rats were measured. The animals were sacrificed by over dose ketamine anaesthesia and the uteri were dissected out and weighed using digital electronic balance. The serum calcium, phosphorus levels were significantly decreased and ALP levels significantly increased in overiectomized rats when compared to sham control group.

The OVX rats treated with Herbochol-poultry feed supplement showed significant increased levels of serum calcium and phosphorus and significant decreased levels of serum ALP levels. The OVX rats treated with Herbochol PFS showed significant increase in the uterus weight when compared to OVX rats. From the results of the present study, it is concluded that Herbochol poultry food supplement, developed by M/s Suguna Foods Pvt Ltd, Herbal Division, Suguna Lifeherbs Coimbatore, TN, possesses estrogenic properties.

Keywords- Serum calcium, sham control, alkaline phosphatase, ethynyl, estradiol.