Abstract 09 V1 I3

Kidney is an important organ of the human body. It removes the waste product of the body metabolism and reabsorbs certain things which are required by the body. The function of the kidney is measured by Kidney Function Test(K.F.T).In this test other biochemical wastes of the body like creatinine,uric acid,urea,potassium,chloride and sodium are measured.

Excreted creatinine levels can be correlated to the renal function as creatinine is not reabsorbed by kidney. In this study the creatinine levels of both clinically normal and critical ranges are correlated with other renal bio-chemical parameters. Studies indicate that excretion of bio-chemical parameters don’t follow any definitive patter within the normal range of the creatinine clearance, but beyond the critical value other parameters also increase with creatinine.Studies indicate the consideration of the creatinine excretion values are not co-linear with other parameters.

Keywords: Kidney Function Test (K.F.T), creatinine, uric acid, renal function.