Abstract 01 V1 I3

A series of bromides (RCH2Br) containing aryl / alkyl group readily reacted with 4-pyrrolidino / morpholinopyridine to give stable pyridinium bromide (1-30). The physical and spectral (IR, 1H & 13C NMR and MS) data for 1-30 were collected to confirm the structure (s) assigned. Invitro antibacterial and antifungal activities of 1-30 against Gram positive / Gram negative and fungal species were evaluated. The 4-pyrrolidino / morpholinopyridine -1-alkylpyridinium bromides (Group III & IV) were found higher antibacterial and antifungal activity than the standard drugs ciprofloxacin / fluconazole respectively.

Key words: Antimicrobial activity, 4- pyrrolidinopyridine, 4-morpholinopyridine, Pyridinium bromides.