Volume 2, Issue 6, 2017

Research Articles

1. Acquisition of Ethnobotanical Knowlegde on Zingiberales From Tribal’s of Kollam District, Kerala, India

An ethnobotanical study was carried out to collect information on the use of Zingiberales by the tribal people of Piravanthur, Kuriyotumala, Achankovil, Ariankavu, Urukkunu, Kulathupuzha areas of Kollam District, Kerala. Information presented in this paper was gathered from five major tribal groupvizMalaipandaram, Kanikaran, Malavedan, Ulladan and Malakuravan. The studies include botanical collections, group discussions, direct interaction and personal interviews.

Nisha Babu, V.p. Thomas٭, Judin Jose, Binoy T. Thomas
IJAPBR, 2017; 2(6): 1-7

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2. Effect of Surfactants and Cholesterol on Physical Properties of Bcs Class Ii Drug Loaded Niosomes

Niosomal promising drug delivery system and have successfully used in various treatment in the medical field. It shows sustained drug release and the localized or targeted drug delivery. Both hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs are incorporated into niosomes to improve its efficacy. So many factors will affect the physical characteristics of niosomal vesicle.

Shalin C*, Swathi P Nair, Shijila P
IJAPBR, 2017; 2(6): 8-14

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3. Syzygium Cumini (L.) Skeels: a Review of Its Phytochemical Constituents, Toxicity Studies, and Traditional and Pharmacological Uses

Syzygiumcumini (L.)Skeels is one of the most widely used medicinal plants for various conditions and is a popular fruit for food consumption. This review aims to provide information regarding its phytochemical constituents, toxicity, and traditional and pharmacological uses from vast number of published literatures inside and outside the Philippines.

Teresa May B. Bandiola*, Glaiza B. Ignacio1, Erika Grace A. Yunson1, and Phil Dominic B. Bandiola
IJAPBR, 2017; 2(6): 15-23

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Review Articles

4. Abbriviated New Drug Application Process in India

The main focus of regulatory authorities is on product’s quality, safety and efficacy with their respective country. It does not only involve the process of regulating and monitoring the drugs product but also the process of manufacturing, distribution, and promotion of drug product. One of the foremost challenges or goals for regulatory is to ensure the pharmaceutical products are developed as per the regulatory requirement of that respective country.

Hitesh Chaturvedi, Ayush Garg, Dileep Kumar, Udai Bhan Singh Rathore
IJAPBR, 2017; 2(6): 24-28

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5. In-process Quality Control (IPQC): a Review

All Pharmaceutical Industry aims to make products with good quality products so this can be done by allowing In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) Approaches. The importance of IPQC to carry out complete testing before, after and during the manufacturing process is completed for the Products or to Monitor and improve effectively the whole applied process at the every stage of the finished pharmaceutical products by according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Rajpurohit Sanjay*, Suthar Narayan, Choudhary Manu Priya
IJAPBR, 2017; 2(6): 29-32

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