Abstract 17 V1 I2

The chewing gum may be considered as an excellent mode of drug delivery. The medicated chewing gums containing various drug moieties are tried and approved by the regulatory bodies for their safe use in human beings. The medicated chewing gum containing Indomethacin IP was developed using the conventional process and subjected for various characterisation studies. The developed product was as good as confectionary chewing gums.

The drug loading capacity of medicated chewing gum during the investigation was satisfactory. The in-vitro drug release profile of developed medicated chewing gum was evaluated at different chewing frequencies. The study suggested that, at higher chewing frequency of 60 cyc/minutes delivers better drug release profile. The drug release from conventional capsule of Indomethacin IP was compared against the developed formulation. The developed medicated chewing gum had better in-vitro drug release profile at all chewing frequencies in comparison with capsule. The products were stable throughout the period of investigation.

Key words: chewing, gum, medicated, Indomethacin IP, frequency.