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Idiopathic generalized epilepsy (IGE) is a kind of epilepsy that has tonic-colonic characteristic and myocolonic tensions and its clinical symptom starts from the first 20 years of the life. Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (H1-MRS) technique applies as a noninvasive procedure to find metabolic disorders by evaluating brain metabolites. Purpose of this study was to determine efficacy of the MRS in thalamus imaging of patients with IGE. Applying H1-MRS (technique: PRESS-CSI], we evaluated thalamus images of 63 people (35 controls: 23 males, 12 females, ranging in age 19-46 years, average: 34.8±0.62 years) and 28 IGE patients (10 males, 18 females, ranging in age 20-49 years, average: 37.4±1.04 years).

The data analyzed by SPSS (v.20]. Comparing the average NAA/Cr for the right thalamus, a significant reduction was seen between the control group and the IGE patients (p<0.0001]. Likewise, for the left thalamus, the NAA/Cr was significantly decreased when we compared it for the control group and the IGE patients (p<0.001). H1-MRS could be a suitable diagnostic technique to evaluate epilepsy in IGE patients. The possible alteration of neuronal pathways in the thalamo-cortical circuit seems to play a critical role in epileptogenesis of IGE.