Abstract 04 V2 I2

Plants parts and plant products of all the descriptions, particularly those with medicinal properties, are invariably used as principal components or ingredients of various traditional medicines. The ancient time of modern age the race successfully used plants and plant products as therapeutics tools for fitting against disease and various other health hazards.

In this study the ethanolic extract and its different partitionates of leaves of Syzygiumcumini were observed to different phytochemical investigations such as antimicrobial activity, thrombolytic activity and membrane stabilizing activity. The different extractives of Syzygiumcumini also significantly confirm that the plant has moderate membrane stabilizing activity 59.33 %( hypotonic) and 29.46 %( heat induced) where standard drug acetyl salicylic acid showed 72.57 %( hypotonic) and 49.25% (heat induced) membrane stabilizing activity

. However, the standard drug Streptokinase showed thrombolytic activity 65% and the ethanolic soluble fraction of plant showed (ESF-45.33%). In antimicrobial screening the plant showed satisfactory activity with the comparison of standard drug Ciprofloxacin. The crude extract of Syzygiumcumini gave 15mm and standard drug 24mm of diameter zone of inhibition against Vibrio parahimolyticus.

Key words- Syzygiumcumini, Ciprofloxacin, membrane stabilizing, thrombolytic, antimicrobial activity