Abstract 03 V2 I2

Three simple, precise and economical UV methods have been developed for estimation of Venlafaxine HCl in single component. Venlafaxine HCl has the absorbance maximum in zero order spectrum (Method A) is 273.5nm. First Order derivative (Method B) was applied for the analysis of Venlafaxine HCl at 263.5nm.

. Area under curve method (Method C) was applied in the wavelength range of 268.5nm-278.5nm. Drug followed Beer-Lambert’s law in the concentration range of 10-80(µg/ml) for zero order, first order and area under curve method.

The results of the analysis were validated in terms of specificity, limit of detection, limit of quantification, linearity, precision and accuracy As per ICH guidelines and were found to be satisfactory. The high recovery and low relative standard deviation confirm the suitability of these methods can be employed for the routine analysis of tablet containing Venlafaxine HCl.

Key Words: Venlafaxine, UV Spectrophotometer, Recovery, Validation